A Physician's Shocking Journey to Life after Death

Excerpts From Book

1. "Why would human life evolve to a point of having love, memories, and families only to watch them slowly perish and decay back into nothing? Are we truly highly evolved beings if our love is nothing more than a fleeting moment of chemical reactions slowly fizzling out towards the final reaction, death?"

2. "In the morning when I woke up, everything was completely different in every conceivable way. I will never be able to adequately explain what it was like. In magnitude, it was comparable to seeing for the first time after having been blind since birth. I felt as if I had awakened from a dream that had lasted thirty-six years."

3. "I began to realize that all of my major concepts of reality and purpose had been wrong. The paradigm of life that the world taught me and witnessed to me in every facet of life was a deception and lie."

4. "The physician’s analytical and scientific mind within me began to work. I decided to analyze the situation just like any other medical problem... I became my own patient. I decided to take myself through the medical diagnostic process to find out what was happening. The signs and symptoms I was experiencing were so unusual, I had to do this alone."

5. "I had lived with the old symptoms for a long time and the new ones for only two weeks. I knew the disappearance of the old was somehow directly related to the appearance of the new. Finally, something came to me that unraveled the mystery and solved the puzzle."